Keynote Speakers

  1. Dr. John Yates (Chairman, Engineering Integrity Society, UK)
    The challenges in making reliable and durable components with advanced manufacturing methods
  2. Prof. Dr. Yasushi Umeda (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    – Life Cycle Engineering for a Sustainable Automotive Design: Challenges and the Way Forward
  3. Prof. Dr. Kazunari Kuwahara (Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan)
    – Recent Progress in Internal Combustion Engine Technologies
  4. Dr. Filip Deblauwe (LMS International/Siemens, Belgium)
    How to tackle the new pass-by noise regulations and its challenges?
  5. Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad Mohd Kenali (CEO, PROTON)
  6. Dr. Laura Wynter (Director, IBM Research Collaboratory, Singapore)
    Intelligent transport and cognitive analytic at IBM Research in Singapore: current projects and visions for the future